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You just started receiving disability benefits!

That’s a VERY good question!  Why should you even think about entering a program that is designed to help you get off the very benefits you just started receiving?  Here are some answers to that question and why Ticket to Work may be just what you need, whether it’s now, or sometime in the future.

When finally awarded Social Security Benefits after a long, drawn out process of proving your disability AND going to court about it, it’s only natural that you want to stop and take a breath of relief.  You finally have some money coming in! You are celebrating, and we, at Mission Possible, are celebrating right there beside you! Ok… virtually at this point in time with Covid, but we do celebrate!!  However, there may come a time down the road when you:

  • Realize that your SSA benefits don’t cover all of your financial needs
  • Realize that your health situation has stabilized and you might want to try going to or back to work
  • Want to feel more productive personally and participate in caring for your family and your community
  • You want to be independent and not rely on SSA benefits
  • You want/need a higher sense of purpose to your life that goes beyond you and your disability

There are as many reasons to try going to work as there are people on disability benefits! Each person’s path is individual in nature and can change as time and the stages of life go by.  Mission Possible and the Ticket to Work Program helps you prepare and achieve your goals. Here’s how:

  • Mission Possible and the Ticket to Work Program can help you determine the best path to reach your new goal, or help you in defining what your goals might be
  • Mission Possible will explain the Ticket to Work Program in easy to understand terms and demonstrate the benefits it may bring for you and your family.
  • Mission Possible can and will provide you with the support that you need as you begin this new path
  • We provide ongoing support throughout your entire journey with Ticket to Work. Questions?  We have answers.  Don’t understand the letter you received from SSA about your benefits?  We can explain.
  • Mission Possible tracks and monitors your progress through the Ticket to Work Program…through the entire program (which can last years)…to eliminate unpleasant surprises and to help you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. We communicate and check in with you on a regular basis. Sometimes we just like to say “Hi! How are you? What’s new?”
  • We make sure you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to as you go through the Ticket to Work Program.
  • Mission Possible, along with the Ticket to Work Program, work together, hand in hand, with you as you expand your horizons, accommodate your disability, and improve your quality of life through employment!

Till next time!

~ Becky