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Disability Representation

We assist individuals in applying for Social Security Disability Insurance and represent individuals with disabilities who are no longer able to work. We are your advocate! Contact Patty at 866-686-7556 or patty@mpes.net.

What We Do For You

Compassionately listen to your story and help you proceed

Accept your case at any point of the process; initial application, reconsideration hearing or appeals

Obtain and complete required formsĀ  throughout the claim process and recommend sources for needed services

Work closely with you, make vital contacts, and keep you informed of progress in your case

Offer an “open door policy” giving you representative access via phone or e-mail

We do not get paid unless your case is won

Ticket to Work (TTW)

We provide services and supports, as a nationwide Employment Network (since 2001) to beneficiaries on Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. For help contact Becky at 866-687-1842 or becky@mpes.net.

What We Do For You

Provide personalized supports and services to help you get back to work and gain financial independence

Offer services to assist with career planning, job placement and stabilization, and career advancement

Deliver regular employment/wellness contact and support, and follow-up for job retention and growth

Offer personalized Benefits Planning assistance to utilize all available programs and supports

Administrative Employment Network (AEN)

We offer administrative supports and services to service providers interested in combining resources, to offer TTW to beneficiaries. To become a partner contact Stella at 877-214-2983 or stella@mpes.net.

What We Do For You

Function as EN of record for Ticket assignments, payments, and administrative requirements

Provide additional ongoing support services

Responsible and accountable for actions of provider affiliates

Train and ensure Ticket to Work requirements are met for beneficiaries

Partnership Plus

We collaborate with state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies, currently in Alaska and Idaho, to offer Ticketholders ongoing services through a partnership that maintains and advances employment. Interested in teaming up contact Tina at 888-359-2366 or tina@mpes.net.

What We Do For You

Create a flexible program of services and supports focused on meeting the post-employment needs of beneficiaries

Emphasize partnership so beneficiaries can access employment supports and engage in long-term competitive employment

Provide an alternative for beneficiaries being wait-listed under a VR agency’s Order of Selection

Give Ticketholders the option to seek and receive services from an EN before or after seeking VR services