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“I can’t seem to find the words to let you  know how helpful and how impressed I am of  Tina’s knowledge of the details about the Work Program.  The only thing that exceeds my appreciation is my amazement of  her sincere willingness and patience to help me find the answers about the Work Program; that so much relieved my mind. It is rare and so refreshing to find a rare gem such as Tina!! Please, acknowledge my gratitude and commendations to Tina.”

~ L. D.

“MPES is a great bunch of people who truly care and worked hard to help me with my disability case. They helped me every step of the way and kept me up to date on how my case was going and what needed to be done. I was treated like family and still feel after seven years I have someone to go to if I need help with my disability case and or Ticket to Work program. I felt a huge sigh of relief when I found Patty and Becky, very professional yet easy to talk too. MPES is a true blessing in my life.”

~ J. L.

“I want to take this time before the hearing to express my thanks to you for all the hard work you have done on my daughters’ behalf. You have shown yourself to be not just caring but inexhaustible in your efforts to research and understand her numerous medical issues.

From the time of her birth until now there have been many triumphs with her and she has been nothing short of a miraculous blessing to me. Unfortunately, mostly in her adult years, there has also been much angst and pain at my helplessness to make her health and life better for her. I have rejoiced with her at the triumphs and cried with her and for her at the low times, times like when she cried and cried saying, “I hate this stupid brain of mine” when she was unable to perform like her siblings and others around her and I had no way to change those things for her.

I know she has been so frustrated and hated so much not being able to help her husband by being able to hold a job. The pressure was so intense for them with mounting medical bills yet each time she tried to work she ended up sicker, and in the hospital, resulting in even more medical bills. It has been a vicious cycle which has only worsened over time with little to no relief.

So, I again thank you for advocating for help and relief from this awful treadmill of grief for her. You are a very special person and I hold you in the highest regard.

This case was approved at the hearing.”

~ C. M.

“In 2017, after fleeing Puerto Rico and the devastation from Hurricane Maria, I arrived in Portland, homeless and jobless. I met Becky through the Ticket to Work Program and Mission Possible Employment Services. I struggled for so many reasons, but Becky was with me throughout the entire process. She is my guide and motivator through so many challenges, always without judgment. I am still working and struggling but God put an angel in my life and her name is Becky.”

~ R. A.

“Upon being diagnosed with Chronic Low Back Pain, becoming depressed, developing type two diabetes and being on pain medications; I was referred to Mission Possible. Patty Sexton is the owner of the greatest customer service company I have ever been associated with. Make no mistake; this wonderful lady was the best thing that has ever happened to me. After my first conversation, of more than an hour, with Patty I knew she was going to change my life as I knew it.

Patty Sexton is best described as: professional, honest, trustworthy, special, kind, knowledgeable, caring, amazing and hardworking. These words barely do her justice. Everything about Patty and her company was amazing; she always made time for me and truly cared about me and my situation. She made everything so easy for me to follow and helped with every single aspect of my case. Patty Sexton helped save my life, what Patty and her company did for me was just super impressive. What a special person, with such a great and kind mind for helping people. It makes me smile to think of how many other individuals will get the same type of care that I received, and it warms my soul to know this. She kept me informed on everything, just called to see how I was doing and helped me stay positive. I can’t wait for other people in my situation, or worse, to be able to share all that Patty and Mission Possible can do for them. She puts her heart and soul into every little detail, she is my LIFESAVER!

I only wish and hope that one day, I can do what Patty did for me. God Bless! You are loved! Thanks for being you; you deserve all that life has to offer.”

~ C. T.

“Patty Sexton did an incredible job for me securing my SSDI approval on my very first application and in record time. Several colleagues who have worked with her in the past strongly recommended her to me stating that she had the highest SSDI success rate in the area and they were very satisfied with her work. My life forever changed when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and consequently had to face the daunting challenges associated with being Disabled. Thanks to Patty, she handled my SSDI application from start to finish; coordinated with my Doctor’s to document that all the necessary medical information was secured; communicated to all parties and was a tremendous advocate for me and my family during this very challenging time. This allowed me and my family to focus on my health and seek treatment. I will forever be grateful to her for all she did for me and can recommend her to anyone without any reservation at all.”

~ D. C.

“I wanted to thank you so much for helping me navigate the application process for Social Security Disability. I appreciated the expertise you provided during this stressful time. It was with your expert advice that I was able to be successful with my application on the first try. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of assistance with their Social Security Disability application. Thanks so much!”

~ C. L.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work putting together my case for Social Security disability. I know God was watching out for me when He brought you into our lives. We were able to get our filing done before the deadline to still receive maximum benefits, it went through in only 6 months, and we received our back payment before we got the first monthly check. I know this isn’t always the case, but it was definitely because you know all of the hoops to jump through. Above all of your knowledge and expertise, you are a delight to work with. Thank you.”

~ C. G.

“Patty Sexton served as my advocate when I filed for Social Security Benefits. From the time my wife and I met her she was friendly and informative about what I should do to begin the process, as well as what to expect. During the process of applying for Social Security she was there for me whenever I had a question about doctors or filling out forms that Social Security sent me in the mail. To make a long story short Patty Sexton was in my corner, my supporter whenever I needed her. As a result, I successfully obtained my benefits.”

~ P. M.

“You know me and how hard of a process this was for me to do. You gave me support when I needed it. You helped speed up a very slow process as well. I thank you, and Mission Possible for all your support and if I come across anyone in a similar situation, I will send them your way.”

~ F. T.

“This is to say again: a huge THANK YOU for prodding, encouraging, supporting and helping me along the path to my SSA disability. What a great blessing this is for me. Without you I was lost as a dog in a fog! Thank you so much for caring for us.”

~ T. M.

“It was a pleasure working with you. You said and did all the right things to alleviate my concerns (as much as possible anyway). You helped me understand all the steps involved, and what my options were. I asked a couple zillion questions, and you patiently addressed each one, making sure you’d answered each one to my satisfaction. But most of all, you ‘held my hand’ during the hurry-up-and-wait process. I will always be grateful for your assistance!”

~ H. M.