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Patty Sexton, CEO


Social Security Disability Representative
Operations & Marketing Director


While living in Alaska, Patty was recruited to work with the local Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) in Kenai in 1992. Working with creative counselors, they developed jobs with local employers, created businesses and supported people in every way possible. After moving to Washington, she traveled back to Alaska to assist the local VR office with job searches, labor market surveys and job coaching. Working with disabled individuals in Washington and Oregon she was able to use creative skills to develop work opportunities, like a “bags and bulbs” project and a coffee cart at the School for the Blind. Clients worked in every major business in the metro area of Portland and Vancouver, and she explored opportunities to meet their desires as well as consider their limitations. She seldom looked at anything that was impossible, but looked at how to make it possible with accommodations, training employers and working indirectly and directly with clients to learn their jobs. Mission Possible was created on one of the many trips to Alaska because Patty looks at what can happen, making the impossible, possible. She has always said “we all have a life race with hurdles” and takes a positive outlook on life and employment. Winning the race is not always possible, but participating is. When her sister was disabled at the age of 7, she learned how to make things work from a young age. Anything Patty did, her sister wanted to be a part of and learning how to ensure her participation was key. When they played baseball, the entire neighborhood of kids crawled to all the bases, just like her sister had to. Patty would vacuum pushing her sister’s wheel chair or sitting her on a stool to cook while Patty did all the other duties. Her sister operated the sewing machine while Patty cut out patterns; they were a team by adapting all activities so her sister could learn to work with her disability. Her sister went on to marry, become a mom and was an interpreter for the deaf. Despite using crutches, braces and a wheel chair her sister was successful. Growing up with her sister instilled the passion for helping others find success that Patty has today. Looking at what is possible; Patty became a non-attorney representative for Social Security, passing the EDPNA test in 2008 to become a legal advocate for those who are seeking Social Security Insurance and Social Security Disability. In 2020 she was awarded Member of the Year for the National Association of Disability Representatives and has served on the Board of Directors and many committees. Patty has represented hundreds, if not thousands of clients, over the past 30 years, after they have become disabled.

Becky Hornor, Director Ticket to Work


TTW Program Administrator
Partnership Plus
Career Planning
Job Placement Assistance
Employment Supports


Becky directs and coordinates services to individuals with disabilities eager to seek and obtain financial independence and success through the Social Security Administrations Ticket to Work (TTW) Program. Becky’s career in providing support, direction and organization began as a pastor’s wife several decades ago. Over time, she expanded her skills into the healthcare field and grew to direct and manage a large customer service center for healthcare beneficiaries. Becky came to Mission Possible Employment Services in 2015 and expanded and developed TTW from supporting a few dozen Ticketholders to well over 100. Becky’s commitment to deliver compassionate and informed support to fellow employees and Ticketholders is priority in assisting them with achieving their goals.  She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and enjoys hosting family and friends in the Cascade Mountains and the NW Pacific Coast beaches.

Tina Slocum, Ticket to Work Program Manager


Benefits Planner
Career Planning
Job Placement Assistance
Employment Supports



Tina is a Ticket to Work Employment Specialist, Career Counselor and Benefits Planner. She offers experience and knowledge in the Human Services field assisting individuals with disabilities seeking employment through SSA’s Ticket to Work (TTW) program. Tina’s career in providing compassionate supports and services began as a wife and mother of four with 20 plus years of volunteer work in various youth programs, service projects, summer youth camps, primary public schools, and PTA involvement.  In that time, she went back to school to advance skills in the healthcare field as a medical transcriptionist where she was part owner of a transcription company supporting 7 general practice physicians, an OBGYN, and several Orthopedic surgeons. She later went on to obtain an AAS degree in Medical Office, Medical Billing/Coding where she used those skills to assist aging family with dementia, cancer, and end of life issues helping them navigate the medical and social service industry. She also found a passion working with members in the deaf community and became fluent in American Sign Language. Tina came to Mission Possible Employment Services in 2018 with the same desire to be an advocate for individuals with disabilities and special needs. She continually develops skills that help support her client’s success through obtaining and retaining employment. She completed the Community Partner certification through Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to offer benefits and work incentive planning services to Social Security beneficiaries. She looks forward to helping her clients succeed and work toward financial independence.

Stella Helterbrand, Administrative Services Program Manager


MPAS Business Development
AEN Management
Partner Affiliate Training


With a passion for travel, adventure and new challenges Stella joined the Mission Possible team in 2020. Growing up in Southern Ohio, with family close, she chose to stay in the Cincinnati area after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Learning many trades on her journey she has developed numerous skills and had experiences that empower her to keep learning and growing. Problem solving and program development are skills she enhanced while working at the Amman Baccalaureate School in Amman, Jordan as the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) Coordinator. Stella took the CAS program from basic, minimal requirements for grade 11 and 12 students to a program helping students excel and achieve greater success. As she takes on her responsibility to develop the Administrative Employment Network (AEN) with us she is excited to learn, grow and expand her knowledge base. She looks forward to working with clients, co-workers and partners to grow and meet the necessary requirements and provide services critical for the success of all involved. 

Rex Sexton



Suzanne Sanchez