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Mission Statement

Mission Possible provides expert Social Security advocacy for persons with mental or physical disabilities.  We assist individuals in acquiring government benefits that are available to them.  We also enroll many clients into the Ticket to Work program offered through Social Security.  This program is specifically designed for those who are willing and able to return to work after being declared disabled.  Mission Possible does not discriminate based on disabilities, race, ethnic origin, religious preference, gender or political affiliation.  We are firmly committed to helping disabled individuals attain adequate medical coverage and financial security.

Our Story

Mission Possible Employment Services began as a vocational placement agency helping people with disabilities to find appropriate employment. Even though we had much success in this endeavor, we quickly realized that employment was not the answer for everyone. We found many of our clients were unable to manage a full-time position due to deteriorating health issues. For that reason, we began the Disability Representation branch of Mission Possible to assist those in applying for disability insurance who were no longer able to work. The process can be daunting and intimidating to those who are already struggling with one or more disabilities. We began walking our clients through the process, surprisingly finding success in nearly all of our cases. Our success rate has averaged 94% over the last 5 years.  

For those who have already been awarded disability benefits, as an Employment Network we offer the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Ticket to Work Program (TTW). TTW is for those whose disability has stabilized or improved to the point that they want to improve their quality of life by going back to work. The program includes a number of Work Incentives that allow you to keep your cash benefits, for a time, while you have regular paychecks coming in. We assist with benefits counseling, preparation for going back to work, monitoring progress and support throughout the duration of the program.  

In addition to Disability Representation and TTW; we are also working to help clients through Partnership Plus and Administrative Employment Network (AEN) partnerships. The Partnership Plus program allows clients working with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) a smooth transition to an Employment Network (EN). This allows for extended services after VR closes the case. For those interested in working with us as a Partner Affiliate to assist clients in TTW, we are an AEN. This allows us to partner with companies to offer administrative and other services for their clients interested in TTW.  

Message, call or email Patty at 866-686-7556 or patty@mpes.net with questions or interest in our services. We are here for you!