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…and why it matters to us in helping you with Ticket to Work

The vast majority of our clients take the first step toward achieving their goal by placing a telephone call to one of our toll-free numbers. We also receive emails and texts requesting information. Ultimately, each connection results in a telephone call to obtain information and to establish a relationship with you. Whether your goal is to obtain disability benefits or to seek options for improving your quality of life after being on disability for a time; your story is important to us!  Here are a few of the questions we ask potential clients and how the information gathered allows us to serve you and your specific needs.

“Are you currently receiving disability benefits?”  This question allows us to open the discussion about your disability status, whether you qualify for the Ticket to Work Program, and what services we can provide to help you achieve your goals.

“May I ask what your disability is?” This question opens the door for a potential client to tell us about their disability and how it impacts their lives and their families. It also allows us to develop an outline of what services might be required to achieve success in the Ticket to Work Program. Most importantly, we learn about you, your history, your challenges, your goals, and how we can help you to achieve your future goals.

“Are you receiving SSDI or SSI disability benefits (or both)?”  This is important information for us to determine how going to work will impact your cash benefits. Those receiving SSI disability benefits will be impacted by a reduction of their cash benefits once they start working.  While this can be a challenge for some, we take this opportunity to provide information about the Ticket to Work Program, and how working will be to your financial benefit, showing your earnings combined with the reduced SSI checks will always result in higher net income.

“What are your goals and plans to achieve them?” This may sound like an intimidating question, especially if you are just exploring your options or curious about the Ticket to Work Program.  However, it is also an excellent opportunity to discuss potential goals and paths to achieving those goals.  We discuss how Ticket to Work can offer protections for your cash benefits, your medical benefits, and the services we offer to support you throughout the program.  This is also an opportunity to discuss additional options you may not have considered, such as going to school to learn new skills because you can no longer perform the duties of the job you had before your disability. Not to worry! Many of our clients do not have plans or goals for various reasons. Some are newly disabled and are still in the process of adjusting to new routines and other challenges. In this case, we often discuss potential paths and opportunities that are available to them, allowing them the time they need to adjust, and adapt to their new situation.

These are just a few of the questions we ask those interested in the Ticket to Work Program. We are dedicated to providing services and opportunities that are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Getting to know you and your story helps us in delivering the services and supports that you need and when you need them. Whether you become a client or are just looking for information and determining what Employment Network may serve your needs, we are dedicated to providing information and support that will enable you to achieve your goals, whether it is with us or another service provider. Our objective is to be a part of your story by helping you achieve your goals and improving the quality of your life in whatever ways we can.

‘Till Next Time,