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This past year of pandemic craziness reminded us, in a very real way, that life sometimes takes unexpected turns.  Each of us have been affected in different ways and we have had to all learn to be more comfortable in dealing with the unexpected.  Mission Possible exists for just these types of circumstances, helping when there are bends in the road and walking along side our clients through the challenges.  We thrive on assisting individuals, helping them to navigate the ups and downs of career and disability.

Social Security, Employment Networks, Vocational Rehabilitation, and many government offices have had to find their footing during the 2020 Covid crisis.  Most have adapted, patiently finding ways of working together, learning new skills to bring solid solutions. Everyone has adjusted everyday routines things like grocery shopping, socializing, working, staying connected with family and friends through our computers and phones.  We know it has been the same for you in your life, in your families, work and with your health.

The personal struggles are real, but there can be rewards!  I recently read a quote from an author sharing a personal story. She said “Sometimes what we learn in the midst of a struggle, is the reward” ~ Lucretia Berry. As you have no doubt discovered, the journey has not been necessarily full of fun but the fact that you have found a way through, has lifelong intrinsic personal value.

We are devoted to helping you successfully remain flexible, overcoming the challenges that lay ahead. We support you during the challenges and celebrate with you the blessings that follow!


~ Tina