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Welcome to the new website for Mission Possible Employment Services, Inc. We have three parts of our company. We began as an employment agency in 1992, contracting with vocational rehabilitation agencies in multiple states. We worked with County, Veterans, Mental Health and Blind agencies. After many successful clients and years, we expanded our business in 2008 to include Disability Representation for potential disabled clients. As the Social Security Administration began the Ticket to Work program in the early 2000’s we became an Employment Network to offer the program those in need. With 2020 coming to an end, seeing the opportunity to help more beneficiaries, we started the third branch of Mission Possible, an Administrative Employment Network.

How did Mission Possible get its name? After years of working in Alaska, we became their number one Vocational Rehabilitation vendor in Kenai. We subsequently moved to Washington, and I began to travel back to Alaska to work. Potential clients would send me a packet with cases, resumes etc., and I would meet with the client and say “I have my mission and it is all possible!”  Soon, all my reports ended with “Mission Accomplished!”  Starting a similar business in the Pacific Northwest, the name seemed logical, and Mission Possible Employment Service began.  We, at Mission Possible, always look at the positive side of people and what they CAN do. Even when it seems impossible, we choose to seek YOUR possibilities. We are glad you joined us and we look forward to working with you.


All of us at Mission Possible take this opportunity to welcome you to our new blog and website! We hope that you will find the information we provide helpful and encouraging.  Here is a little bit of information about us:

What is Mission Possible’s objective? In the provision of services for our clients, we look at the complete individual, knowing that no one can be defined by a category (such as “disabled”), which tends to focus on what the individual can or cannot do.  We, instead, look at the entire person and focus on what they CAN DO.  We focus on Missions Possible and what can be!

What does Mission Possible do for their clients?  Mission Possible has three branches:

  • Disability Advocacy – Focus on helping those who are disabled to receive Social Security Disability status along with financial and medical benefit provided by the Social Security Administration.
  • Ticket to Work Program – Assist clients that have achieved Social Security Disability status but want to pursue opportunities; with interest in improving their quality of life and income by joining the workforce in a capacity that will accommodate their disability.
  • Administrative Employment Services – Partner with other agencies and companies interested in offering Ticket to Work program services to their clients.

We look forward to working with and for you so that your Mission is Accomplished!

~ Patty