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The Social Security Administration has identified three myths about the loss of disability benefits and working. Through the three phases of the Ticket to Work program supports and services are provided that debunk these myths and provide incentives when you are working. Let’s look at these myths and the facts that clear things up!

MYTH #1: Automatic loss of health benefits when I get a job.


  • You will continue to receive Medicare and Medicaid as long as you’re receiving benefits payments, in any amount.
  • If benefits payments stop, work incentives and buy in programs are available that enable you to keep benefits after cash benefits end.
    • Medicaid continues with 1619(b) after cash benefits end.
    • Medicare continues with Extended Period of Medicare Coverage, a 7 ½ year period when working at Substantial Gainful Activity.

MYTH #2: Social Security will conduct a medical review when I return to work in the Ticket to Work program, and I will lose my benefits.


  • Making timely progress in your plan or work goal will protect you from medical reviews.
  • Timely Progress Reviews will happen approximately every 12 months to check the progress you are making toward your work plan and goals.
    • You are making timely progress if:
      • You are earning more than $910 per month for 3 out of 12 months
      • Or 60% of a full-time course load for 1 year toward a degree or certification is completed.
      • With each 12-month review period the work or educational program requirements increase.
    • If you are not making timely progress requirements, you can continue in Ticket to Work, but you will be eligible for a Continuing Disability Review.
  • If a medical review is scheduled before entering TTW the review will take place.

MYTH #3: When Social Security payments stop due to work, then I am unable to work due to my disability, I will have to go through the entire application process for disability benefits again.


  • Expedited Reinstatement is a Work Incentive that allows you to apply for benefits, due to the same disability you qualified with before, and have benefits reinstated, during the third phase of the TTW program.
    • This Work Incentive is available for 5 years, after being successful with work and achieving Substantial Gainful Activity, SGA.
  • You must not be working at a substantial level, according to Social Security’s definition, to qualify for reinstatement.
  • Allows for up to 6 months of temporary cash and medical benefits while awaiting Social Security’s medical determinations.

With information on these myths debunked, you can be successful with the transition to work, and we can help you get started in Ticket to Work! Please contact us via phone or email, we look forward to helping you succeed.

This information was part of a WISE webinar provided by Social Security and Ticket to Work, check out the entire presentation at:

~ Stella