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With four branches of Mission Possible there are many opportunities to help individuals obtain employment. There are many perks in the job searching process, and one that has proven most valuable is working with someone who can provide expert advice for beneficiaries wanting to become financially independent. Not only is there assistance in securing a job, but there is quality guidance throughout the process.

The four branches of Mission Possible help individuals on SSA benefits:

  1. Disability Representation helps those in need of SSA’s disability income programs by offering assistance with the application process, monitoring case progress, and representation for an appeal if your case is denied.
  2. Ticket to Work (TTW) offers counseling to those receiving SSA disability benefits on how working affects benefits, employment related needs, and ongoing follow-up assistance and counseling upon job retention.
  3. Partnership Plus allows both Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Employment Networks (EN) to work together in the services they provide to the ticket holders. For beneficiaries who have worked with VR for job training assistance and have completed the services VR provides, Mission Possible as an Employment Network then picks up the ticket to offer continuing benefits counsel on how working affects benefits and other supports and services for long term employment success. For beneficiaries who contact us as an EN needing services from VR for job training, or hands on job coaching, we refer the beneficiary to VR. After training and employment is obtained, our partnership with VR agencies provide a smooth transition for additional services. We partner with state VR agencies to provide a smooth transition for additional services.
  4. Administrative Employment Network services are available to agencies who desire to help beneficiaries through the TTW program but are not an employment network. Mission Possible acts as the Employment Network of record to partner with others interested in offering TTW.

In today’s “climate” there are many advantages to searching for a job with the number of employers hiring, sign on bonuses available, and employer flexibility in order to fill positions. Mission Possible wants you to succeed in becoming financially independent and we strive to offer the best service possible for your needs. From offering benefits planning as you begin in the TTW program to ongoing employment supports and services after you’ve gained employment; we’re here to help. With our many years, collectively, serving clients at Mission Possible, we are able to provide quality guidance and services to help you succeed. Putting our clients needs first is top priority and we strive to do all we can for your success. Our desire to help as many beneficiaries as possible become financially independent is why we have multiple branches of the business. We are continually looking for ways to work with more beneficiaries and guide them toward financial independence.

With many opportunities, feeling overwhelmed is normal, but we’re here to help and guide you through this process. From the assistance with disability representation,  through the process of a seamless transiting from VR, and the supports through employment, we are dedicated to providing quality guidance.

~ Stella