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Mission Possible Administrative Services (MPAS) is a new LLC formed by the owner of Mission Possible Employment Services (MPES) and has been established to operate as an Administrative Employment Network (AEN). MPES was established in 1998 to provide services to help people with disabilities acquire employment compatible with their goals and needs. In 2001 we began to assist beneficiaries in getting back to work through the Ticket to Work (TTW) program, and in 2008 we started the disability representation branch of the business. MPES is a national Employment Network (EN) and participates in Partnership Plus in Alaska and Idaho to assist Ticketholders post-Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Mission Possible Administrative Services desires to assist as many Ticketholders as possible, successfully gaining employment, to achieve success in the TTW program. Through establishing strong partnerships with affiliates, we will increase our ability to provide services to individuals to achieve their goals of self-sufficiency. As an AEN and EN we offer the following services to Ticketholders to help them succeed in the TTW program:

  • Career planning – goal setting, goal achievability, job readiness, job application assistance, resume development, and interview preparation.
  • Job placement assistance – evaluation of experience, skills, suitability & career development.
  • Ongoing employment support – regular follow-up with Ticketholders and assistance with employment issues/questions as they arise. Job stabilization and retention and career advancement counseling.
  • Job development – Utilize relationships with employers for potential job placement.
  • Benefits Planning and Counseling – Provide assistance and information on how employment affects benefits with regard to Healthcare planning, information and referrals to other federal benefits programs they may be eligible for, and any associated work incentives.

We currently have 138 clients and have provided the following specific services as we work to help them succeed:

  • Provide SSA Disability beneficiaries eligible for TTW, assistance in developing an Individual Work Plan (IWP).
  • Provide support in resume development, potential job leads, interview guidance and preparation, and be available for remote or virtual job coaching as needed.
  • Provide career counseling and job development services.
  • Assist with goals assessment and achievement.
  • Assist with job accommodations and associated impairment related expenses.
  • Provide long-term ongoing employment support to assist with employment issues/questions as they arise for job stabilization, and career advancement counseling.

With the development of an AEN we will be able to provide additional supports and services to Ticketholders through our work with Partner Affiliates. Additional supports will be provided by MPAS to ensure Partner Affiliates are trained, knowledgeable and meet program requirements of the TTW program.  The trainings provided by MPAS will allow our Partner Affiliates to provide the supports and services to the Ticketholder. We will utilize various resources for training, including, but not limited to; Virginia Commonwealth University’s “Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs”; Learning Modules available at https://yourtickettowork.ssa.gov; National Employment Network Association (NENA) and various group trainings as provided by SSA and Ticket to Work. While our partners work to provide hands on services to Ticketholders, we will provide administrative and support functions to ensure the success of our Partner Affiliates and the Ticketholders.

Our objective is for beneficiaries with the goal to become self-sufficient and gain employment to be successful in their endeavors. We will work with Ticketholders that are current SSI and SSDI clients that meet TTW program requirements. Through training with Partner Affiliates on the development of individual work plans (IWP), intake forms and interviews to ensure prospective clients meet TTW requirements, we can begin to offer services to more beneficiaries. Assistance with IWP development, client intake procedures and best practices with clear, attainable short and long-term goals are key to Ticketholder success. While providing short-term supports that include, but are not limited to job preparation, job search, resume development, mock interviews, determination for client readiness, assistance with application and interview process (as needed). Followed by long-term supports that include ongoing career assessments, regular communication with beneficiaries on progress through TTW program, assist with issues/question as they arise for job stabilization and retention. While providing services to Ticketholders it is essential that sensitive Ticket Holder information is protected. MPAS staff and Partner Affiliates will agree to keep all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and files in locked cabinets, behind locked doors. Shared Digital Ticketholder information will be password protected and encrypted and/or transmitted according to current Social Security PII policy regulations. All MPAS staff and Partner Affiliates agree to be bound by the most current Social Security required PII rules and procedures. This includes correct utilization (SSA) of electronic methods of communication as well secure electronic and hard copy storage of all client information and PII.

We look forward to assisting Ticketholders in gaining financial independence through providing services and supports in the TTW program. Our goal is to work with Partner Affiliates while following the requirements of TTW for success, while securely working with Ticketholder information provide the opportunity to assist as many beneficiaries as possible. We’re here to help and focus on working together to meet the needs and success of each individual.

~ Stella