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Having a my Social Security account can be extremely helpful and important in obtaining information pertaining to your benefits.

What is a my Social Security account?

A my Social Security Account is your personal, online account for interactive and secure access to your personal Social Security record. Creating an account gives you the ability to manage your benefits and personal details anytime. Opening an account is free!

Why is creating a my Social Security account beneficial?

  • secure access to your personal record
  • ability to verify and check benefits eligibility
  • use of interactive tools tailored to help you
  • capability to update personal information

As an SSDI or SSI beneficiary you can:

  • Report your wages from work
  • Request a replacement Social Security or Medicare card
  • Request a benefit verification letter
  • Check benefit and payment information
  • Update address and contact details
  • Utilize direct deposit resources

Who can create a my Social Security account?

Everyone! However, you must create your own account, someone else cannot create your account for you, but you can have assistance setting up your account.

It is not only beneficial but important to set up a my Social Security account to monitor your benefits and for ease of reporting wages from work to Social Security. Additionally, you will have access to details necessary for Benefits Planners who work to help you manage benefits, to assist in avoiding over payments and accessing safety nets in returning to work.

You can find additional details or create an account at https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/. If you have more questions or need assistance in setting up an account, we’re here to help!

~ Stella