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We have heard many on disability who are considering going to work ask How much can I earn without impacting my benefits? Will my monthly benefit change? Will it immediately stop when I begin working? Will I lose my Medicare or Medicaid? These are all valid concerns and great questions since being awarded Social Security Benefits may be a long-drawn-out process, and there is a lot of misinformation out there on how working can affect benefits.

Benefits counseling services from a trained and reputable source is vital in preparing for benefit changes before they happen.

What can a work incentives benefits counselor do for you?

  • Verify benefits.
  • Explain how earnings will impact state and federal benefits received. SSDI & SSI, housing assistance, food assistance programs, and healthcare (Medicare & Medicaid).
  • Outline action items when there are changes to your situation.
  • Inform & refer you to state Vocational Rehabilitation services or Employment Networks that might best fit your needs.
  • Decide whether the Ticket program is the right path for you to achieve your employment goals and attain financial independence.
  • Offer you an in-depth report about benefits specific to the beneficiary and explain when and how to report earnings to Social Security.
  • Explain how Social Security work incentives can allow you to ease the transition to work without immediately losing your benefits.
  • Describe income limits & timelines while working.
  • Explain the importance of reporting your work earnings.
  • Filling out necessary paperwork.
  • Interpreting correspondence from both Social Security and state agencies that provide benefits.
  • Assist in resolving benefits issues.

As you are considering returning to work, starting work for the first time, or increasing your work there may be concern, added stress and fear in the decision process. Benefit counseling services can help educate you about your specific benefits, discuss options to help you maintain needed health insurance coverage, and hopefully alleviate some of the  concerns around budgeting.

The support provided through benefits counseling can help you focus more on your employment and career goals and lessen some of the fears about benefits when working. Benefits counseling will help you make informed decisions about work and offer peace of mind in knowing the options and safety nets available with Social Security work incentives.

Mission Possible has benefits counselors ready to assist with benefits and work incentive planning services, and we are devoted to walk alongside you on your path to employment!

Want to learn more? Call or email me at 888-359-2366 or tina@mpes.net.

~ Tina