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We serve disabled individuals in three different platforms of Mission Possible Employment Services. Each branch of the company is designed to provide services to individuals with disabilities. The first branch is Disability Representative services, the second branch is Employment Network services, and the third branch is Administrative Employment Network services. The three branches of the company work together and build off each other to assist as many individuals as possible.

Disability Representation assists those individuals that need help applying for disability benefits or appealing the denial of benefits from the Social Security Administration. We will walk you through the application or appeal process and be there for you every step of the way. Our average success rate for getting clients the benefits they need is 94%. Patty, our non-attorney representative, is passionate about every case and gives each client the attention they need and deserve.

Through our Employment Network services we offer Social Security’s Ticket to Work (TTW) program for beneficiaries who are interested in working but unsure how working will affect their Social Security Disability benefits. Through the Ticket to Work program we offer supports and services to beneficiaries to help them succeed in getting to work to gain financial independence.  The supports and services we offer include career planning, job placement assistance and ongoing employment supports. Under career planning we help Ticketholders by offering benefits counseling, goal setting and job development. The job placement services we help with include searching for a job, job accommodations and understanding and communications additional needs to assist you in your job. As you begin to work, ongoing supports are available through regular follow-up, job stabilization and retention and career advancement counseling. Becky and Tina help you set goals and succeed at achieving them.

With the Administrative Employment Network branch of Mission Possible, we work with other companies to offer the TTW program to their clients and beneficiaries in their area. A partnership is created allowing more beneficiaries to receive the supports and services to become self-sufficient. Through this partnership Mission Possible provides the administrative services necessary for the success of the beneficiary and the company affiliate agrees to offer the hands-on services. Working with other companies to offer the TTW program give us the ability to assist more beneficiaries in getting to work. Stella is excited to work with our partners to help as many beneficiaries as possible become financially independent.

~ Stella