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Very high success rate -- 14 years experience -- over one hundred successful and satisfied clients
"100% Success in 2009!  43 out of 43 cases approved"
"100% Success in 2010!  17 out of 17 cases approved as of April 30th"
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About Us

Mission Possible Employment Services began as a vocational placement agency, helping people with disabilities to find appropriate employment. Even though we had much success in this endeavor, we quickly realized that employment was not the answer for everyone.  We found that many of our clients were unable to manage a full-time position due to deteriorating health issues. For that reason, we began the Social Security Advocacy branch of Mission Possible to assist those in applying for disability insurance who were no longer able to work. The process can be daunting and often intimidating to those who are already struggling with one or more disabilities. We began walking our clients through the process, surprisingly finding success in nearly all of our cases.

Mission Statement

Mission Possible provides expert Social Security advocacy for persons having mental or physical disabilities.  We assist these individuals in acquiring government benefits that are available to them.  We also enroll many clients into the Ticket to Work program offered through Social Security.  This program is specifically designed for those who are willing and able to return to work after being declared disabled.  Mission Possible does not discriminate based on disabilities, race, ethnic origin, religious preference, gender or political affiliation.  We are firmly committed to helping disabled individuals to attain adequate medical coverage and financial security.  

What We Do For You

* We obtain and complete all forms required throughout the entire claim process.

* We will accept your case at any point of the procedure.  This may include the initial application, reconsideration hearing or even any appeals to the law judge.

* We make all essential contacts vital to your case.

* We have an “open door policy” where you can access your representative via phone or e-mail.

* We work closely with you, always keeping you informed of progress in your case.

* We recommend resources for any services you may need.

* We compassionately listen to your story and help you in determining how to proceed with your case.

* We evaluate your case for eligibility and explain why or why not you are a good candidate.

* We do not get paid unless your case is won.

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Employee Profiles

Patty Sexton


Patty Sexton has been working in the social service field for approximately 17 years, serving a diverse population in all aspects of vocational placement and disability insurance claims. She has specifically been advocating for clients in their quest for Disability benefits over the past 12 years with a remarkable degree of success.

Her personal interest began when her sister became disabled at the age of 7 in an automobile accident that took the life of her mother. She grew up advocating for her sister by discovering the many options open to her.  This same passion is always apparent in her work for her clients that she currently represents.

Patty began Mission Possible Employment Services in 1998.  Prior to Mission Possible she owned and operated Kenai Vocational Services in Kenai, Alaska. She worked closely with government social service agencies and L & I.  She understands disability issues and their corresponding Constitutional laws.  She can empathize with the frustration that people feel who really want to work, but are simply physically unable.  It was because of these individuals that Patty expanded her business to include Social security disability cases.  She is quick to identify your needs and she truly cares about her clients and their quality of life.  




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Being A Grief Helper To Your Family
This material has been assembled as a guideline. This information will be needed by your loved ones to take care of the immediate questions encountered by your family upon your death or at the time of a debilitating illness.


Mission Possible Employment Services, Inc.

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